Desert Paws Mobile Veterinary Care provides high quality & convenient at home veterinary care for dogs and cats servicing the greater Tucson area. Being in the comfort of your own home allows us to easier achieve our goal of personalized assessment and treatment for each pet, on an individual basis. This provides a less stressful environment for your furry family member, as well as you!

Most visits to an animal clinic can easily be accomplished outside of the usual hospital type setting with in home veterinary care. We offer a variety of services from Vaccinations , Wellness & Preventative Care, Dental Care , Surgery, Chronic Disease & Pain Management, Lab Diagnostics & Imaging, to End of Life Care. Read more about our services by clicking the links, you can also request an appointment by calling us at  520-833-2134 or clicking here.

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Any loving pet parent will agree on one thing, we all want to have our animal friends with us for as long as possible. We think that the most effective way for this to happen is to maintain their ongoing wellness.

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Chronic Disease & Pain Management

When thinking of medicine, human or veterinary, sometimes we imagine diseases being cured by a single dose or course of medication. This can be possible, but most diseases require multiple treatments, & many require long-term management.

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It’s not necessary to have to learn how to live with unpleasant breath from your four-legged friend when you are a pet owner. When your pet has bad breath, it most likely means that he or she needs some dental care.

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End of Life Care

The aging process for any pet raises concerns about the care they receive near the end of their life. Depending on their quality of life, you want to provide appropriate care to help your loved one feel at ease until they pass on.

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We believe it’s crucial for the health of your pet to get properly vaccinated to protect against disease & promote animal health. Vaccinating your pets will help ensure all your loved one’s health is at its best.

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Sick Visits

If your pet is not feeling well we’ll do our best to get out to you in a timely manner. We are not a 24 hour clinic and therefore we do not hospitalize any animals. If your pet is experiencing a serious emergency, head to the nearest Emergency Room.

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​It’s never all that easy to take a family member in for any kind of operation, whether that family member has two legs or four. Here at Desert Paws, we’d like you to know that we’re compassionate to your situation.

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Lab Diagnostics & Imaging

After an individual becomes hurt or sick, he or she visits the doctor. While there, the person can explain his or her symptoms and receive proper care. This is something that is not so straightforward when it comes to pets.

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